MagicBricks Experience Center in Mumbai – A Revolution in Real Estate

Often, if a property buyer is interested in, say, a 2 BHK apartment in a newly planned building, he or she has to go by the blueprints in order to finalize the deal. Sometimes, there are “hard hat tours” too where a would-be buyer can take a tour of the property as it is being constructed.

However, even then, all the buyer sees is the skeleton of the building, and this can be extremely difficult for a buyer to envision the builder’s plan as there is scaffolding all over the site, and workmen are slowly beating and banging the property into its final shape.

This is a huge hindrance not just for a buyer but also the property sellers who in spite of giving the best is unable to attract the potential buyer.

However, all that changes with Magicbricks Experience Center. Yes, India’s leading real estate online portal has launched a virtual reality center where buyers cannot only experience the property by sitting on a chair but can also visualize the locality and the surroundings.

So, what does the Experience Center Offer?

magic bricks


The Magicbricks Experience Center at WEH Metro Station comprises future technology in the real estate sector with two super equipments – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Solutions, which in turn changes the entire home buying experience even for the first time buyers.

So as a real estate buyer, all you do is visit the center, get the Virtual Reality headset, and let the seller showcase their property graphically. Next, the building comes to life in stunning 3d. You can easily navigate through a fully rendered virtual simulation of what the apartment will be. Yes, no more tours to the sites, ever, and no more anticipating what would be the end result based on the cryptic blueprints. You can easily see each and every detail with breathtaking clarity through Virtual Reality.



Augmented reality solutions on the other hand helps you to virtually see the aerial view of the apartment. You can drive or walk by the apartments in construction and browse them. You not just see the position of the apartment but also the location from the main entrance. This can help you in making the right purchase decision by choosing your ideal apartment.

Needless to say, the Experience Center is a coming together of high-quality software as well as hardware that addresses specific issues in the buyer’s property milestone – enhancing the home-buying process to an altogether different level. I, for instance, could not stop jumping from one room to the other when I had the VR headset while browsing through one of the apartments I have my eyes on.

If you happen to visit Magicbricks WEH Metro Station, do pay a visit to Concourse Level 3 to browse property and try to #DoMuchMore in the virtual reality zone. After all, this high-tech center in Mumbai is all set to change the entire home buying process in the near future.



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