How to Use Whatsapp for Bada Mobiles ?

Hi everyone, as I myself was previously a bada phone user so I also wanted to use whatsapp on my samsung wave y. But I couldn’t able to use Whatsapp as Whatsapp for Bada version wasn’t available on the internet and Whatsapp guys were having no plans to release any bada version either.

I do accept that most of us don’t have smart phone and not event any normal phone with Bada OS so I’ve already written a guide where you can use Whatsapp on your PC for Free of cost. Do check it.

whatsapp for bada


Guide to use Whatsapp for Bada

Well, you might have heard about whatsapp and its features and that’s the reason you are here. And there is one another version of whatsapp which is known as Whatsapp Plus which has very advance features than normal whatsapp we use. But unfortunately Whatsapp Plus isn’t available right now for Bada OS but don’t worry it will out soon.

To be frank using Whatsapp on Bada phone isn’t as user friendly as it is on other smart phones as I have tested both but its not like you cannot use it well. But the thing is using whatsapp on Android or iOS or on any other platform would be more preferable than using it on Bada Phones.

Compatible Devices

whatsapp for bada


  • Samsung Chat
  • Samsung Chat Duos
  • Samsung Wave, Wave 2 & Wave 3
  • Samsung Wave Y
  • And Many more

Step to Download and Install Whatsapp on Bada Phones

  • First Download the .jar file from below download Linkby Share to Unlock!
    [sociallocker id=604]Clicking Here and Also download .exe file Here [/sociallocker]
  • If you have download this file from your PC , then connect it via USB and transfer the file to your Samsung Bada Phone.
  • If you have download this file from your mobile itself then skip the above point.
  • Now Go to the location where you have downloaded/transferred the file and then open it and install it.
  • Now you can run it on your phone.
  • Your are done.! Voila!

So that’s all folks this was the total tutorial for using Whatsapp on your Bada device. I hope it will help you. I have above mentioned two files you can use anyone of them both will run on the Bada Compatible devices.

Also do let me know if you need further help. Don’t forget to share this tutorial to your friends on social media’s.

If you have any doubts or any queries do let me know in the comment section below.



  • Harsh

    Thanks amazing thank you vry mch bro

  • Andrew Haidon

    After download when I tried to install .exe file of whatsapp on my bada phone it says “File not Supported” please help

  • Habib Mohammed

    Whatsapp plus is now not available for all mobiles. Please update your article. However thanks for your tutorial I’ll try to use it on my moms wave 3

  • Dadan Yadav

    right bro

  • Dadan Yadav

    After download when I tried to install .exe file of whatsapp on my bada phone it says “File not Supported” please help

  • Ryan Percy

    When I try to install the .exe file it showing me error that your Bada device is not compitible please help

  • Nicolas Herli

    worked very well! thank you ^_^

  • Lancelot Roy

    whatsapp .exe file I downloaded for bada and it worked thanks a lot

  • Shaswat

    Your most welcome!

  • Your most welcome!

  • Vidit Bharodiya

    Whatsapp.exe file is not working

  • Vidit Bharodiya

    Whatsapp.exe file is not working

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