Mobile Network Not Available Problem Solution – [Fix]

Get the solution to the problem of ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ : Mobile has become anyone and everyone’s asset, stepping the door without your mobile seems to be an impossible job. And I’ve seen many users are facing similar problem as mine that is “Mobile Network not available” on mostly samsung handsets. So here I’ve provided the Solution of the problem mobile network not available

We tend to realize the importance and need of mobiles in our life’s but what about the networks, without network is your mobile of any use? May be you have the most expensive, latest version mobile phone but what if the networks stands to zero. Will your latest version help you in this case I don’t think so. Now, this problem of Mobile Network Not Available can get sorted, you need to follow few simple steps and you’ll get your solution easily.

mobile network not available

Note this problem of network availability can be because of various reasons, here we are enlisting some of the reasons which cause this problem and how you should deal with it and get your solution. These causes with their solution will help you render your solution easily within no time. So now network problem will be no problem for you because you’ll know your way out.

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There are couple of reason why your handset/device is showing up Mobile Network not available problem is I’ve suggest below total 4 solutions for it.

How to fix Mobile Network Not Available Problem?

Solution 1:

  • Press the Power off button and switch off your android phone, remove both the battery and the SIM card.
  • After the removal wait for minimum 5 minutes and then reinsert both the battery and the SIM card.
  • Now, press the power on button and switch on your phone and see if your cellular networks are available or not.
  • If they are available and you phone starts getting signal then you got your solution, if not then try another solution may be this was not the problem.

Solution 2:

  • Go to the settings option of your phone and open the ‘Wireless and Network’ settings.
  • There will be an option of ‘Mobile Networks’ tap on it.
  • The next step is to tap on the option of ‘Network Operators’ and select the option of ‘automatically.’ This will appear on your screen.
  • That’s it, that’s all you need to do and also check your software is updated or not, if it is not updated then update it.
  • Check your mobile networks now, they must be intact by now, if not then try another solution may be this was not the problem.

Solution 3:

  • At times the problem lies in the firmware and it needs an update so go to your settings option on your phone.
  • You need to Tap on the option of ‘About device’ which will appear on the screen in the settings column.
  • Your next step would be to click on the option of ‘Software Update.’
  • After that tap on the option of ‘Check for Updates,’ and you are there all ready.
  • Now check the networks on your phone they must be standing right alert and if not then try another solution may be this was not your problem.

Solution 4:

  • At times problem faced in your network availability can be solved by a feature already existing in your mobile. Go to the settings option of your mobile.
  • You will find an option of ‘Backup and Reset’ tap on it and proceed further.
  • You’ll get an option of ‘Factory Data Reset’ that’s your destination tap on it and get your problem solved.

If all these options were not capable of getting your problem of Network Unavailable solved then maybe there is a problem with your SIM card and the ports. At times people face the problem of error while searching the networks. In such cases the problem lies in the placement of the SIM, you have not inserted the SIM properly and that is why such errors are coming up.

Here, we have provided you with the best solutions to get the problem on Mobile Network Not Available sorted and give you the best service without any hindrance. If you have any kind of problem related to Mobile Network Unavailable please feel free to comment below and ask us. We’re here to help!



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