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Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk is Android based game which is really addictive and properly well design game for all the age groups. Geometry Dash Apk has been a quite a monster with more than 40,000 downloads and with the recent update it has enrich the excitement of this game to a whole new level.

download geometry dash 2.0 apk file

With the new update, it runs on the 64-bit iOS and many other platforms and it is also available for players to play on their computer and other bugs fixed it has certainly become a monster. We will have a detail view of the new features of Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk below.

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And now if you are searching a guide to download the Geometry Dash Apk file then you have come to the right place as here we will give you a detailed tutorial on how to download and install the Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk file for free.

What About Geometry Dash 2.0 APK?

This is for those guys who are new to Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk and have not played Geometry Dash Apk even not once. Then let me tell you that it is a multi-platform game which is available for most of the Operating System including your Computer with currently 20 levels with thousands of downloads till now.

Geometry Dash Apk is an Arcade game where the difficulty increase as we move up each level and the main objective in this game is to maintain a distance from different obstructions by bouncing, flying, skipping etc.

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And another awesome thing about this Geometry Dash apk game is that it has different Music for each level which makes it more interesting. So it is certainly one of the must try games that I would recommend you to try out now.

New Features of the Latest Version of Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk:

The recent update of Geometry Dash Apk to the 2.0 version is regarded as the biggest ever update of Geometry Dash Apk. And here are some of the major features:

  1. New Demon Level Named “Deadlocked”
  2. New Level “Geometrical Dominator”
  3. Robot Gamemode
  4. Teleportation Portal
  5. Moving Objects
  6. User Coin System
  7. User Profile Page
  8. Friend Leaderboard
  9. Over 50 New Rewards and Achievements.
  10. Friend Messaging System
  11. And Many More

And we can certainly say that the new update to Geometry Dash Apk will enhance the experience of the gamers to a whole new level.

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Now after seeing all those features you might be really little tempted or a lot tempted to download and install the Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk on your Device. And this is where the problem comes up as it is very difficult to find a full working version of Geometry Dash as most of it might be paid or full of virus that will harm your device.

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And that is where we comes up and here we will provide you a full working version of Geometry Dash 2.0 free from all those missalineous virus and bugs that will harm your device so that you can enjoy your Geometry Dash Apk without any hiccups.

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash Apk:

Now here we have already done all the hard works for you and provided you with the steps and link from where you can download the Geometry Dash apk file free from all the malicious viruses.

Step 1

First of all you will need to download the apk file of Geometry Dash 2.0 on your Computer from the link given below.

Step 2

Now you will have to connect your device to your Computer via USB cable and copy the .apk file to one particular folder.

Step 3

Now once the Copying is completed you can disconnect the device from your Computer and start installing the apk file of the Geometry Dash 2.0

Step 4

Once the installation is completed you can restart your device and start playing the Geometry Dash 2.0 on your Device.

Link to Download Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk File:

  1. Link: Download Apk file of Geometry Dash 2.0
  2. Link: Download Apk file of Geometry Dash 2.0

Well that’s all you will need to do to download & install the Geometry Dash 2.0 Apk file on your device.

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