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Welcome to Gamekiller apk download page, Today we will be introducing you to an android application made for game freaks, And the application we are referring to is Game Killer, It is an android application using which you can modify game files to hack the number of coins, gems, or any kind of game inventory.

Gamekiller can be used on any android game, It works on the phenomenon of memory modification.

It is being used by more than 10 million users around the globe which makes it the part of the list of the most downloaded android applications not available on playstore, it is compatible with all the latest version of Android OS, You can get the file for free on this webpage.

There is a prerequisite with the use of Gamekiller, the android device on which you want to use Gamekiller must have root access attained.

Game Killer App Features:

Modify the latest android games and edit their source code.


  • Lock video game value with exact number search video game growth.
  • Load care of list
  • Easily hack offline android games and clear the missions, levels and get game coins.
  • Increase game scores to unlimited.
  • Upload your game code.

Process to Modify Game Inventory with Gamekiller:


  • Install the apk file downloaded from our website.
  • Open the game you want to mod and play it. Collect some coins or game score or anything you want to hack.
  • Click on the game killer icon on the top. You will see “Input number to do exact search………”. Enter the number of coins or scores or any item from the keyboard. Press search button and tap auto identify in upcoming window. Suppose if you have 1000 coins, enter 1000 from bottom keyword and tap search.
  • If it shows multiple values, play game again, collect more items and search again until it shows single value.
  • After it shows single value, tap on it and change it to any value you want. As in above example, If you enter 99999 now your coins will change from 1000 to 99999.


Keep on modding other games in same way. You can try fuzzy search, floating number etc yourself.


This was post  based on download link of gamekiller app for android mobiles which makes the job done for the all the android hardcore gamers out there.



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