Best Android Messaging Apps 2016

A few years ago, when we hear the word messaging, we would only think about sending SMS in order to pass information. That is definitely not the case today.In this modern era of technology. Instant messaging services did a breakthrough and SMS became a thing of the past. These services are very very cheaper and offer more features. We have written about 5 of the best Android Messaging Apps of 2016.

  1. Whatsapp

    I did have some doubts as to whether I should place this or Facebook Messenger on the first place, but I settled on this because of the fact that this has a larger user base.

    A fast and efficient app with a great and good looking UI, WhatsApp made a revolution in the instant messaging genre when it was launched years ago. It is used by more than 90% of smartphone users.

    In Order to install WhatsApp, click on the link given above. Signup requires a mobile number and a one-time password sent to it.

    Features such as video call, voice call were introduced recently and performs well. The messages are end-to-end encrypted and are claimed to be non-hackable. A web version of WhatsApp is also available. You can also check out GameKiller apk from here to download.
  2. Facebook Messenger

    Facebook messenger is made by the social media website, Facebook and first surfaced as a replacement for the facebook chat option the mobile app. Users were forced to install it.

    The App is really useful and has a lot of features packed in. The UI is smooth and eye candy. It offers voice calls and video calls for free.

    The messages are stored in the cloud ad are never lost, even after the app being uninstalled. Signing Up directly to messenger is not possible, you need to have a facebook account to access it. A facebook account can be easily made with just an email ID.

    Features such as chat heads, Chat nicknames, Chat colors, Games such as football, basketball, makes the app stand out in the crowd. 

    The chat head feature makes multitasking easy as users can jump between apps and chats easily.

Pro Tip: In order to watch videos and download it, check out Vidmate App from here and download it for free.

  1. Google Allo

    Google Allo is the newest name in our list, as it was launched in 2016, by none other than the great Google. Within the few months since its launch, Allo gained a lot of users because if the simple fact that google made Allo with machine learning and artificial intelligence integrated. The app gives you reply predictions, which means that the app will use its intelligence and provides you with 3 choices to reply to a message. The feature is good and in my experience the replies were apt enough.

    Google also introduced its personal assistant, google assistant via Allo. Even though you don’t get Siri-like features, Google assistant is good enough for it’s age. It can be ordered to do a variety of things such as making calls, sending SMS, delivering news, jokes, quotes, etc, etc.

    The assistant also gives you a wide variety of games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Rubik’s cube, PAC-Man, and some doodle games.

    Google is frequently adding new features into Allo and it will be interesting to see what they will bring into it in the future.
  2. Hike

    An Indian made app, Hike comes fourth in our list of Best messaging apps of 2016. Hike is known for their contemporary stickers and News feature.

    Hike also has a free SMS feature, where a user can send a fixed number of SMS to any person who is offline.

    The app can be used to make free voice calls, video calls. One particularly important feature is that Hike can be used to make a conference call. You would not find this feature in many other apps.
  3. Telegram

    Telegram is fast, and quick. It has the fastest UI I have ever seen in a messaging app. It also has a lot of unique features. The app gives a lot of importance t privacy and a lot of power to group admins. The maximum members in a group are 5000, as opposed to just 256 in WhatsApp. The maximum file size that can be shared is also high, 1.5GB.

    The reason it is the last in our list is that Telegram does not yet have two important features, voice and video calls.


That was all about the Best Messaging apps of 2016. I wrote this out of experience and knowledge. Do give your feedback in the comments and keep visiting us.



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